Juicing involve the extraction of juice from fruits, vegetables and tubers with the use of a juicing machine, hand juicer, hydraulic press, masticating juicer, twin juicer or centrifugal juicer. The juice aids digestion, detoxification and promotes health. It is an effective way of taking in nutrients. If you are new to juicing or seeking a change in your juicer, these are some basic points that should help in your decision making process.

Know your health state . This will determine the type of juice you need and the type of juicer that will deliver the needed nutrients without altering its vital components. Understand your routine e.g If you take your juice in the morning or night you might need to buy a juicer that makes low or no noise. You can buy a hand juicer. Some juicer work faster than others, if you are always running late or do not have enough time to dedicate to juicing, an easy to clean manual or centrifugal juicer will be perfect.

The type of fruit and vegetable you will be juicing can also determine the type of juicer you purchase. E.g If you will be juicing, soft and narrow fruits or narrow range of vegetables, a powerful juicer might not be needed. Some juicer especially centrifugal juicers cause oxidation and sometimes heat up the juice due to the heat produced from the motor. Juice produced from these juicers cannot stored as it has a very low shelf life, so if you will not drink the juice immediately choose another juicer.

Check warranty, quality and durability of a juicer before buying it, ensure it is  suitable for your needs ; you do not want to keep buying different juicers before getting your desired result. Beyond quality and design, choose a juicer that fits the shelf space you have. These tips should help you in your juicing journey and selection of a good juicer that works for you. The Breville Juicer is manufactured by Breville; the company started business in 1932.

The juicers however became popular and in high demand after it was showcased in a documentary by Joe Cross called: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The documentary was about a sick man trying to revive his health by drinking vegetable and fruit juice so as to lose weight.

The breville juicers are well known for their efficiency and there is a juicer that fits the lifestyle and need of everyone, you just need to understand how each product works

The Breville juicers available are:

It is a juice processor that has both a juicer and blender. It is sold at $399.95 and has a 1200watt motor. It has 5 speed dial for juicing and cutting .It is used for juicing and can be used for making smoothies or puree. It is a waste free juicer for soft fruits e.g bananas. THE JUICE AND BLEND BREVILLE JUICER BJB840XL ($499.00): Its function is also similar to the dual disc juicer.


It has one juicer and blender that can be attached to the motor separately. It has a five speed and cutting disc and is sold for $499


It has a 750watt motor. It has a centre blade, it functions in a centrifugal style which often causes the generation of heat while processing the juice. This can lead to the loss of some vital nutrients. Its housing is made from plastic with a silver finish that gives it the appearance of a stainless steel. It is suitable for home use.


It is also similar to the juice fountain compact in appearance as it also has a plastic housing with silver finish. It is attractive and has a 850watt motor. It can be used for both hard and soft fruits and vegetables. It has a stainless steel cutting disc. It is good for industry and home use. It also functions in a centrifugal style.

THE JUICE FOUNTAIN MULTI SPEED BJE510XL ($79.95): It comes with a 900watt motor and unlike the juice fountain compact and plus, it has a stainless steel housing., with a 3 inch circular feed tube. It is a 5 speed juicer and is very good for home and industry use.


The juice fountain elite has a housing made from die cast metal which give it an appealing appearance. It has a 1000watt motor. It is a 2 speeds juicer,its titanium cutting blade makes it very appropriate for industry use.


It is totally different from the above explained breville juicers. It is strictly for juicing citrus e.g. grapefruits, orange, lemon etc. It can be hand pressed or power assisted press. The hand press takes an effort while the power assisted press make it very easy to use. It is made of die cast metal but has a plastic portions that might be susceptible to wear. It is very effective and perfect for home use.

I hope the informations provided above will help you decide the type or model of breville juicer that will suit your purpose, lifestyle, health need, nutritional requirements,either for home or industry use.

It will also help you to choose a juicer within your budget with the preferred appearance and aesthetic appeal.